Eco chair - for Andrew World, 2011, Spain

The main idea of this chair – is to create colorful, uncommon imagery, but at the same time – using by environmental materials, ease and low-cost of fabrication.
The uniqueness of the design is rather unusual combination of form and material. The material is veneered plywood, which transforms into soft and comfortable chair. A surprising combination of many different characteristics allowed us to obtain a soft solid product from the plywood. In spite of the object has impressive dimensions, it looks lightweight, airy, and has a small mass. Soft rounded lines carry the idea of lush pillows and rest sitting, inviting to relax and spend time with a comfort.

Chair design by Slava Kharisov

The ability to be gently resilient, taking a person's weight, adds “softness” to the chair. When there is a load - the whole entire structure starts to work. Legs take part of the load, the other load take seat and backrest. The ends of seat and backrest are not secured to each other, allowing them to take maximum use of the property plywood deform and recover the shape without damage. Thereby, the weight is distributed evenly, and the strength and reliability of the design increases.
The product manufacturing uses a single solid sheet of veneer plywood from which all parts of the chair are generated by bending: legs, back, seat – all without additional inserts and gluing. It is very economical and makes very simple and rapid process of manufacturing chairs, which is important in mass production.

чертеж развертка стула

As the using material is only a tree, the product is environmentally friendly, and in disposal will not damage the environment. Also it is very good to process the wood and re-use in the manufacture of any other objects.
On the basis of this design conception it is easy to develop series of objects, such as ottoman, sofa, chaise lounge, couch, using the same principle of combining the solid material and a soft shape. These objects will be recognized and memorable of any interpretations of texture and color.
This chair can be used in many areas:
In private interiors - recreation areas, outdoor terraces, poolside, in the living room as imaginative interior accents.
In public areas - lounge-café, outdoor cafes, coffee shops, waiting zones, roofs etc. The rounded shape will perfectly fit to the spa-center interiors, beauty centers and recreation areas in water parks.
Vivid image of the chair allows developing an endless fantasy about its using.

Eco chair by Slava Kharisov

eco curved chair design by Slava Kharisov

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